ZoomerU gets off to a successful launch

My latest project at ZoomerMedia is the launch of Zoomer U, an information and education resource whose goal is to help advertisers, and prospective advertisers, better understand the Zoomer (age 45+) marketplace.

Zoomer U will offer information and insights online as well as through special events. We kicked things off with a client breakfast on September 28, featuring the noted Boomer advertising expert Chuck Nyren. Chuck, based in Seattle, is a prolific author, commentator and speaker on how to market to Boomers, and he showed us examples from all the world of what works and what doesn't.

Zoomer U will also create custom presentations tailored to the markets and challenges of specific advertisers. I've already had three requests, and welcome more. I customize the presentation to the exact circumstances of your organization, combining market data with eye-opening (I hope) insights into what it all means and what to do about.

It's a sad reality that the marketing community (with some notable exceptions, of course) has been slow to recognize not only the staying power and buying power of the "older" demographics -- in straight statistical terms -- but also the unique attitudes and behaviors that need to be understood if a successful marketing campaign is to be run. Too many marketers overinvest against the Millennials (numerous but moneyless) and either take the Zoomer market for granted or run absolutely the wrong kind of creative messaging. Zoomer U hopes tochange all that!

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