I study, write, speak and blog about the greatest social revolution of all time - radical life extension and the amazing reinvention and rebranding of the entire concept of aging.

I have over 35 years’ experience in advertising, marketing and consulting in both Canada and the USA.

I am currently a Vice President at ZoomerMedia Ltd. I manage the annual ideacity conference and also head up ZoomerU, a B2B initiative dedicated to providing insights about the Zoomer (age 45+) market to clients and prospective clients.

I’ve written two books — The New Old (2008, ECW books), which detailed how the Baby Boomers completely overturned all traditional concepts of aging, and Beyond Age Rage (2013, Bastian Books), which examined the so-called ‘war of the generations’ and explained how boomers and seniors were already solving it.

My previous background was in advertising: I was a partner in Saffer Cravit & Freedman Advertising, which I helped take from start-up to over $150 million in annual billings. The agency had offices in Toronto and Chicago, and was recognized as a leading retail specialist agency in North America.  After selling my interest in the business, I worked as an independent consultant and also a consultant to other advertising agencies in Canada and the USA, before joining ZoomerMedia in November, 2005.

Over the years, I have participated at the most senior levels in the creation and placement of over $5 billion worth of media advertising.  My functional experience includes strategic planning, creative development, media advertising, merchandising, sales promotion, vendor co-op advertising and co-branding, sales management, and online marketing. My industry experience includes mass merchandising, specialty retailing, health care, technology, automotive, travel and hospitality, financial services, real estate, consumer products, and public policy.